Custom PC Peripherals


Custom Keyboards

I primarily build Through Hole keyboards (Mysterium Rev. 1, Discipline Rev. 1, Romeo Rev. 1, Discipad Rev. 1, etc.) However, I also build custom retail based keyboards as well - take your pick!

Please specify:

PCB - Color (Black, White, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, Matte Black) Model (DZ60/65, KBD67/75, MKII, Tofu, hot swap, etc)

Plate - Material (FR4, Acrylic, Copper, Brass, POM, etc)

Switches - Type (Any Switch variant - Specify Lubed and or Filmed)

Case - For Rev. 1 Mysterium, Discipline, Romeo, and Discipad - Choose High Profile Acrylic Case, Skeleton case with FR4 Base Plate & CNC Aluminum feet (5 degree), P3D, or one of my own personal designs - Please specify colors as well.

Sound Dampening Foam Color (if applicable)

For all other boards please specify make and model

Note that prices vary greatly depending on parts chosen for your custom keyboard. Please keep in mind that lead times also vary greatly due to shipping and stock of said parts. Custom orders with parts that I do have in stock can expect a turn around time of 3-5 days of custom order and payment.

You are responsible for the shipping charges accrued in ordering your custom parts.

My boards are Built, Programmed, Photographed, Mounted with Key Caps for Sound Recording and Tuning of Stabilizers, Sanitized, and Packed for Shipment. (There is no use of the keyboard outside of sound testing/recording/tuning)

Please allow for 24-48 hours to gather custom quotes which include parts, shipping, and other information in order to provide an accurate estimate for your Custom Mechanical Keyboard.

By default, my keyboards are sold without key caps - However, your caps of choice can be added to your custom build (cost adjusted per cost of set + shipping) I am also happy to provide key cap recommendations upon request.

Other Services

  • De-Soldering / Re-Soldering
  • Switch Lubing & Filming (for full custom builds only)
  • Stabilizer Tuning
  • Micro-Controller Flashing/Programming
  • Custom Cut Sound Dampening Foam & Installation
  • Silicone Pour /  Modifications (Dyed or natural colors)
  • Case modifications to enable Gasket Mounting of PCB and Plate
  • Installation of Mill Max 0305/7305, Holtite, and Kaihl Sockets (if applicable)
  • Create Patina for Brass and Copper Plates
  • General Keyboard Assembly

Note that Stabilizer Tuning can require De-Soldering & Re-Soldering of entire board to access said Stabilizers depending on the current condition of your keyboard's sound.

All custom orders will require payment Up-Front via PayPal Direct invoice.

Thank you for checking out the store and for your Support and Trust in Small Business. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or for recommendations and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Happy to help where I can. Thanks!