Why are your cases so expensive?

My Acrylic and other material are outsourced. I do not produce them on my own at this moment in time but have plans to do so in the very near future. At the current level of demand, material for case orders are sourced either one at a time or in batches of 5-10. Doing it this way is expensive, I know.

As the demand for my work grows, I'll have more opportunity to order in "bulk". If I could sell cheaper, know that I would - It's just a matter of time folks. As my very small business grows I'll get closer and closer to having the tools I need to produce my designs independently. Currently aiming to have my own machines churning out boards by Q1 2022.

What are your lead times?

Due to the need of said outsourcing, I require 4-6 weeks but aim for 3-4 weeks. It'll all depend on the material and parts you're lookin' for with consideration to all of the pandemic madness.

Where are you located?

Recently relocated from Boston, MA to the high desert of north-western New Mexico in the Sante Fe area.

Do you have a workshop/warehouse/employees?

In a sense. LK is small enough to fit in my living room. That said, it's a massive room with an awesome plank wood and beam high ceiling :D

How many Keyboards have you built?

I've lost count at this point but I can confidently say I've built very well over 100 Mechanical Keyboards.

How many Switches have you modded?

Thousands :D

How do you make money?

I build Custom Mechanical Keyboards - a lot of them. From mid to high-end, I can tackle just about everything. I also offer Repair, Customization, and Custom Stacked Material PCB Case Design Services as well as Stacked material designs of my very own of course (Cascade and Prism Series Stacked Material Cases)

I started out in the niche as a source for Pre-Built Mechanical Keyboards, mostly Through-Hole in design. This inspired me to then provide Custom Mechanical Keyboard Build Services - which meant aggregating all necessary & agreed upon parts to build a complete Custom Mechanical Keyboard for clients (with all relevant modifications) I provided and continue to provide my labor, expertise, and attention to detail in this area but am slowly shifting gears toward selling my own cases and focusing on more one off builds and high-end/luxury commissions.

Spring of '21 is when I really started pushing my efforts toward design work. Among my own designs, I've created a handful of Commissioned stacked material case designs from the ground up. I love designing one-off cases and creating Designer Mechanical Keyboards.

Who takes your photographs and what kind of camera do you use?

For the most part, I do. At the moment I use a Samsung S10+ Again, this is a lean operation. That said, I've had the opportunity and great pleasure to promote some my work with Ponoko, some Professional Photographers, as well as a few Custom Mechanical Keyboard & PC Accessories companies. Holler for collabs, always happy to meet and work with new people :D

What makes you different and why should I purchase your boards over other stacked material case designs out there?

My boards offer something very different. My focus is Originality, Quality, Refined Sound Signatures, and a deep level of attention to detail. The goal I have in my designs is to create art pieces - To create objects that interact with the element of light in a more deliberate way than all other Custom Mechanical Keyboard Cases on the market. I use the right tools for the right job and have a deep seeded passion toward building the perfect keyboard for you.

My work is Premium. I guarantee it.

LimboKeys designs are meticulously thought out and my builds receive the utmost care and attention to detail. By purchasing any one of my works, you are not only getting a Custom Mechanical Keyboard/Case/Kit - you are actively supporting the growth, learning, and refinement of LimboKeys designs and it's overall vision.

Thanks for hangin' in there with this long story long. Please reach out with any questions, concerns, and interests you might have, I'm always happy to help where I can.

Thank You sincerely for your interest, support, and trust in my small business.

Thank You so much for being a part of this adventure.


Happy Typing,

Bryan C. | Limbokeys


Sante Fe, NM