Cascade Series Discpline65 Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit

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This is a Stacked Acrylic DIY Case designed to house the Iconic CFTKB Discipline65 Mechanical Keyboard PCB

Included in this DIY Kit: CFTKB Discipline65 Mechanical Keyboard PCB with all Solder Components (pretty hardware at the top) & VIA Flashed MC as well as all Screws and Standoffs necessary for the Limbokeys Cascade Discipline65 Case.

All of the CFTKB PCB open source production files can be found here []( Please reach out if you'd like to change your order to include the case alone and I'll create a product page for your purchase. This case is of my very own design and is NOT the same case available within the CFTKB PCB Github repository. PCBs and their components are offered at a price that covers cost of said parts and a small amount of compensation for the ground work involved in their aggregation.

PCBs are factory tested and Solder Components are brand new - Typical rule of thumb for these kinds of electronic based DIY kits is "You soldered it, you bought it" That said, please reach out should you have any trouble with your build and we'll run through all the troubleshooting available. If we can't get it to work I offer standalone replacement kits at a reasonable rate, contact if needed.

This Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit does not include Switches, Stabilizers, Key Caps, or USB-C Cable.

Send a message if you'd like your USB-C Port Pre-Soldered: +$5

Specialty colors of Acrylic and many other varieties of Material for Switch Plates are available upon request - Message for Details.

Thank You for your Support and Trust in my small business! Note that lead times for this product are roughly 4-6 weeks with consideration to the effects COVID-19 had on shipping delays.