Casecade Series Romeo 40% Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit

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Switch Plate Material Black



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This is a Stacked Acrylic Case and PCB Kit designed to house the CFTKB Discipad Number Pad Custom Mechanical Keyboard PCB

Includes Romeo PCB Kit (PCB Components & VIA Flashed MC as well as all Screws and Standoffs necessary for assembly are included in this kit.

This Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit Kit does not include Switches, Stabilizers, Key Caps, or USB-C Cable.

Send a message if you'd like your USB-C Port Pre-Soldered: Additional $5

Specialty colors for Acrylic and many options of Material for Switch Plates are available upon request - Message for Details.

Thank You for your Support and Trust in my small business! Note that lead times for this product are roughly 4-6 weeks with consideration to the effects COVID-19 had on shipping delays.