LimboKeys Sidecar Dual PCB Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit

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The LimboKeys Sidecar is an innovative Stacked Material Custom Mechanical Keyboard Case designed to house both the iconic CFTKB Discipline 65 PCB and its companion, the Discipad Number Pad PCB - Simultaneously. With Regular or SouthPaw Sidecar form factors, the Discipad will rest on either the right or left side of a Discipline 65 Mechanical Keyboard.

This case is compatible with Rev. 1 and Rev. 2 Discipline65 PCBs. The LimboKeys Sidecar Arcylic Case design enables the Discipline 65 and Discipad PCBs to remain independent while sharing the same case and thus will require 2 USB-C cables.

Includes Discipline65 and Discipad PCB Kits (PCB Components & VIA Flashed MC as well as all Screws and Standoffs necessary for assembly are included in this kit.

This Kit does not include Switches or Stabilizers.

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Other Acrylic colors and Switch Plate Material Available Upon Request - Prices vary.

Thank You for your Support and Trust in my small business! Note that lead times for this product are roughly 4-6 weeks with consideration to the effects COVID-19 had on shipping delays.