Prism Series Prism60 Stacked Acrylic Case & PCB Kit

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The Prism60 is a poplar smaller form factor that works excellently for setups that prioritize the need for extra desk space while also maintaining much of the same functionalities that larger sized boards. This is a board with some serious RGB and looks excellent with any Keycap set, day or night.

This case is available in Frosted Acrylic & Black/White POM Switch Plate by default. Specialty colors for Acrylic and Specialty Material for Switch Plates are available upon request - Message for Details.

All Screws and Standoffs necessary for assembly are included in this kit.

PCB Included - Addressable Under-Glow & non-addressable Per Key Lighting (per key bulbs available as an add-on item/service)

This Stacked Acrylic Case Kit does not include Switches, Stabilizers, Key Caps, or USB-C Cable

All Limbokeys Case + PCB Kits include a puck of LK Switch Lubricant Formula, a syringe of Permatex, and a vile of Spring Oil.

Sound Tests: Pending

Note that lead times for this product are roughly 4-6 weeks with consideration to available inventory, material/parts shipping times, and the effects COVID related shipping delays.